Augmented Intelligence: How Google Is Trying To Combine A.I. And Interactive Design To Help Pathologists Detect Cancer

This week we concentrate on an article from Google.

Augmented Intelligence is a symbiotic approach between the machine and the humans to extend human cognition and processing capabilities.

With Augmented intelligence we can expand both precision and speed in human activities. In this particular paper Google presents results of using deep learning and search to help pathologists better and faster detect a disease such as cancer and others.

The key economic value here is that :

1) With the use of A.I. Precision could potentially be increased.

2) With the use of A.I. tasks such as the detection of complex diseases can move from very specialized man power to a tier2 more generalist individual making the overall speed of the process higher. So this is in the interest of Patients.

3) By Lowering the level of specialization and increasing the capacity of processing cases, augmented intelligence holds the potential to lower costs (not necessarily market prices....)

You can read the article here:

Google Pathology.png