The New Industrial Revolution: Notes From My Interview with Book Author Sean Culey : Transition Point: From Steam To the Singularity

The "Transition Point" is a phenomenal book that analyzes how the convergence of different technologies can spur a new Industrial revolution.

The book dos more than this actually. It analyzes the conditions that generated the first industrial revolution and compares them with the current situation.

The Book Also Analyzes How Production will be transformed in the sixth wave of technology transformation.

It concludes discussing specifically how the morphing of AI, AR, VR, 5G, 3D Printing will affect various areas of human endeavors.

I was particularly interested to aspects like the involution and erosion of civil liberties in western democracies but there is am ample discussion on business and corporate innovation as well.

I have captured some of this in an unpublished (yet ) interview with the Author Sean Culey. You can watch it here.

If interested in the book here is the link to thee amazon store: