Effectively Monitoring Your Heart Condition With Extremely Cheap Wearable Equipment

We have already explored several times papers around the concept of preventive diagnostic on various areas.

One of the things we found in that area is that the excess of false positive makes some time these techniques in-adapt to be adopted by physicians.

However, personalized medicine and wearable devices offer for the first time an opportunity to monitor health conditions from remote. The first cause of death in most developed countries is some kind of heart failure.

This week I have picked a paper from MAWI technology a company I have recently interviewed on my channel. Thy reach a very high level of accuracy in detecting anomalies in Electro cardiograms (ECG) acquired to wereables.

The way the achieve this is by solving two important problems:

a) Working with an imperfect noisy signal collected by a wereable device

b) Reducing false positive by utilizing ways of labeling the ECG by leveraging advancements in Generative Networks.

The article is intense an interesting you can find it here:


A less technical article can b found on Stanford News:


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