Visual Personalization in E-commerce

In this brief presentation we aggregate results from a recent research in e-commerce.

A human shop assistant can ask you questions and understand what your goal or likes are. For an A.I. this is way more difficult but here is an example of something that goes closer to the retail store shop assistant.

The idea is that the power of personalization can be much increased if the artificial intelligence is capable to understand complex user likes and generalize them from one type of item to another.

Examples include a V-Neck, A pocket on the front, Cotton over Synthetic fiber etc.....

If the intelligence can do this than it can present items to the customers commented with sentences that are highly relevant to the customer.

In this way you have the visual+ copy working synergistic to entice the customer towards a specific product.

I have extracted a few slides from a complex presentation to show you how the A.I. can actually understand what a customer said in a review, transfer the concept to find a visual element that represent that concept (e.g. V-neck) and produce a small text headline specifically thought to entice that specific prospective customer.

See Below.

Visual Personalization-brief-prsentation.pdf